Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mo Gala Patre

Well, Movember is done from a 'Mo' standpoint but raising money still goes until 12/9 so I'm still trying to finish in the top 100 individuals in the USA and also our Convio Mo team in the top 100 as well. Thank you all who have supported my efforts to raise awareness and $ to support finding new and better testing methods and ultimately a cure.

I have to tell you the Gala Parte was AWESOME....freakin hilarious. You'll have to check out the pictures because there were some GREAT outfits/costumes including my fellow Convio Mo Bro Derrell Wright, he rocks. Heck the whole team rocked and I feel honored to be their team captain.

typing this at 33k feet in the air on my way back to Charlotte, it was a good trip.
just think, in the USA, over $6M was raised and 1/2 will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for research while the rest goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for support, education of men's health. very cool

Movember, who would have thought that in a short 7 years this organization would raise over $70M and direct $ to prostate cancer research and coordinate pulling together researchers from around the globe to work collaboratively to find a cure. Adam Garone, the founder of Movember and Global CEO.....well done Adam and thank you.