Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unstoppable hot flashes

WOW! it's been about 4 straight days now with some wicked hard hot flashes. And progressively getting worse. Major sweats and tough imbalance....hot for 2-3 minutes, sweating head to toe and then I get the chills. The cycle repeats itself 12-15x per day. I see my oncologist in 2 weeks and I need to ask about how to best handle these. Last time we added more Gabapentin at night. Nights are the toughest, I wake up swearing, then freezing and just can't get a good nights sleep. I often can't fall asleep until midnight and then am up as early as 4am. I need to tough it out. Had to go see the urologist today, Dr Kris Gaston, the Dr. who first gave us he cancer news. It was good to see him again. Why today? I've had ton of blood in my urine all day. We looked at last Feb Ct scan, he noticed a bladder stone. He ordered another one for this week and a Cysto appmt on Tuesday, 5/28. Hopefully we'll figure out what's causing all the blood. Until next time. Oh btw, what was super impressive was that Dr. Gaston remember who,I was from 4 yrs ago, cool.