Monday, June 9, 2014

5 months post surgery

Feeling good, physically pretty darn good. I attribute my good health to my attitude and exercise. Since surgery I've been pushing myself to walk at a very brisk pace and lately have tried to mix in some Jogging in my walking workouts. I usually do 4.5-5 miles and push to do it in one hour. Most times successful :) I'm still down 10lbs since surgery which is good, I needed to lose the weight. Could stand to lose a few but that will come with the exercise. More coming soon but I'm very thankful for my Surgeon, Dr. Peterson, he's an amazing man and does amazing work.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Movember contribution, not $

What a great organization, Movember...helping raise awareness and research $ around Prostate Cancer and men's health. I had the chance to meet Adam Garone the co-founder back in 2011, awesome mate, very driven. Fast forward to last month and all of the Prostate cancer BS I've been through including the radiation Cycstitis and subsequent surgery I had in January and it makes me appreciate Movember's efforts even more. Then, my surgeon asked me if I would like to participate in an effort to help design and build a patient portal/website designed to give cancer patients, Dr's, care givers and family members a place to go for information to help them in their efforts around PCa. I of course said yes....and he said I would be one of two patient advocates. Also contributing would be Dr's from Duke, Harvard, Moffitt Cancer center, Univ of Michigan, Johns Hopkins and you get the picture, all the top cancer institutions and the brightest Dr's. WAAAY COOOL! Stay tuned, more details to follow as we progress and formulate a new tool that will be based/hosted on the Movember website. What is awesome about this is...Movember is bringing together cancer orgs so they don't do work in silos, they collaborate. They do the same with their research dollars so that things are collaborated on and we find a cure faster. Cheers to Movember!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Ha, far from Superman but I feel very good. Last weekend I played back2back days of golf in our neighborhood outing called the Hack & Whack (for good reason). We had a record 44 guys play and my team finished 3rd and our team had a blast, lots of fun. I was worried about my stamina but on Monday I felt great. Maybe this was the medicine I needed from a physical challenge standpoint and a mental standpoint. I might be over the hump. On another note, a bunch of supermen are about to take the ice for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I can't wait, this is the best hockey you'll watch (outside the Kings-Blackhawks series which went to overtime in game 7). Have fun, be great!