Friday, September 23, 2011

please sign the petition

I could use your support and so could every other man battling prostate cancer. In October, I bet you see football players wearing pink in honor of breast cancer awareness, which is great. Let's do something for men and prostate cancer awareness. You're just a few clicks away from signing a petition to 'light the white house blue' thanks

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

good time in Little Rock

i just returned from a trip to Little Rock for a visit to the Arkansas Food Bank. What a memorable trip. The Arkansas Food Bank has recently moved into a new, state of the art building that will help them almost double the amount of help to needed families in 33 counties. check out their website awesome team there who is passionate about being the best Food Bank in the nation and they have what it take to do so. In my line of work, it's awesome when I can meet with an organization that "get's it" and it poised for success and this is one of them. Please consider supporting this org if your heart moves you to do so. Great trip to Little Rock, I'll be back Be well! Bob

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

almost 2 years in hormone therapy

It's been almost 2 full years of being on the hormone therapy and I just had my most recent visit with my Oncologist yesterday. As a refresher, I was on both Lupron and Casodex and we stopped the Lupron in December but continued the Casodex. My Oncologist told me to take my daily Casodex for 30 more days and then i could quit! Woo Hoo!!! Next on the agenda for me is to focus on 3 things 1. work on my cardio 2. work on strength training (lift weights like Arnold used to) 3. stretching exercises during the past 2 years while on the medication I've lost muscle mass and bone density and now need to get back in shape. I'm on a mission to drop 20 lbs by my 50th birthday. now just watch me go Be well and continue to spread the word since it's Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

So why aren't the NFL players wearing Light Blue? (the color for PCa) You can bet they'll wear pink during October. I don't get it...1 in 6 men will get PCa and yet they don't try to help raise awareness. I need to call the commish. Spread the word and wear light blue this month, I will. Later