Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hitting the wall

I've recognized that since being back on Lupron, fatigue is coming in spurts. A good example was this weekend where is was a busy week....a little stressful since its the last few days of our Q1. On Saturday, boom, I woke up normal time, went down for my normal routine but last about 2 minutes and went back to bed. Slept until 11am...I hit the wall. Today, woke up at 6, went down and took my daily meds and went vp back to bed...slept until 11 am again. This afternoon I started feeling a little more like myself. Should be back to great energy tomorrow. No physical activity this weekend, to much rain but we need it so no complaints. Until next time, have fun, smile :) And do a good deed daily

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rough day...all in perspective

Man today was tough....I couldn't regulate my body temperature. One minute I was hot, sweating and stripping clothes and within minutes I. Was freezing and adding as many layers as possible. During lunch I opted for a walk with my wife and it was about 62 degrees but windy. Believe it or not, I had 3 layers on top (incl hooded sweatshirt) and 3 layers on the bottom (yes, incl long underwear) and I'm glad I did. Even up until now, almost midnight, I'm adding and stripping layers as the body temp fluctuates. I try to keep it all in perspective, if my cancer goes into remission, this stuff is a minor inconvenience. Be well you all, until next time.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Feeling good

So far so good, energy levels have been really good which is great. Lupron has a side effect of fatigue and I've only had a couple of day where I hit the wall but overall it's been good. Today, I guess I needed rest and slept late but I spent 7 hrs outside doing lawn work, yard clean up, walking Mocha and burned a ton of calories. Dr Reza said "get ripped" and I'm working on it! Until next time

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The pros and cons of Lupron

Last time on hormone treatment the side effects were tough given the 2 drugs I was taking. Lupron & Casodex This time it's only Lupron. Damn, this is one powerful drug. The Pros: In only 4 weeks time, is helped drop my PSA from 2.0 to 0.2 which is great. I'm sure it will be 0.0 next time. The Cons: this drugs side effects are relentless. First come the hot flashes and while they aren't as bad as last time, they are still there. The ones at night make it though to get a good nights sleep. Then there is the fatigue, which I'm forcing myself to counter by staying active...but all of a sudden I hit a wall and just need to lie down. (Makes I trough to drive while you're sleeping but I'm practicing so stay off the roads!) Then there are the mood swings...more on that next post Hanging in there as I always know someone has it worse than me. Especially in the light of the Boston Marathon victims. Keep,them in your thoughts and prayers. Later

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tax day is here

And this year is a dandy. Thanks to being forced to sell Convio stock and AMT... We owe the Feds $46k and he state $13k I take my hard earned money, get taxed on it once...then make wise investments and get taxed on it again. Sucks

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Busy day, side effects don't help

Good day today with yard work: - picked almost every weed - cut the lawn...twice because its growing like crazy. - cleaned the garage - washed my car - filled the bird feeders - laid on the hammock and enjoyed the short rest Glad I'm able to stay active and get outside and work as I hear the birds sing like crazy. I'm going to kick PCa, round 2 and I'm winning. Thx for the thoughts and support.

A lower score is a good thing

HooRay HooRay, a lower score on my PSA! Met with my Oncologist on Monday, had my PSA taken and it came back at 0.2.....down from 2.0 from just 4 weeks ago. Just Awesome! Round 2 with cancer and I'm going to win this round My Prostate Cancer doesn't realize who it's dealing with :) Thx to everyone for all the positive thoughts.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cancer is losing, side effects are winning

Feeling good and trying to stay ahead of the side effects. - hot flashes, whatever, no big deal and I'm pretty likely to crack a joke about it, at least during the day. - fatigue, makes sense, if I wake up 4-5 times /night b/c of the hot flashes,hard to have energy in the morning so I'm trying to get on a 6 day workout to combat fatigue. 3 days cardio, mixed with 3 days strength training, bulking up "I want you to get ripped" is what Dr. Reza told me so those are the orders. I'm and on board. That's it for now, root for. Steve Stricker in the Masters 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the drugs are working again...

hooray, hooray. my PSA is lower today! after only one month on hormone treatment, my PSA went from 2.0 down to 0.2 great meeting with my Oncologist on monday, all signs are good. he wants me to 'get ripped'....which is a change. Last conversation was to do cardio 3x per week and stretch. Now, he wants cardio 3x per week and strength training 3x...get ripped. last time I was on hormone treatment I lost too much muscle mass and this time around I need to stay ahead of it. Dr. Reza has another patient about my age who is lifting weights and it's helped so that's my marching orders. imagine me, ripped. Here goes!