Tuesday, January 25, 2011

way to go Packers!

How about those Green Bay Packers! Woo Hoo, America's team is in the Super Bowl.

my daughter said..."now that the Packers are in the Super Bowl, you better bring your big spoon"
cute, but the truth. It's the big show.

My wife is beside herself, just giddy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rumors are false

the rumors of my disappearance are false....I've just been procrastinating far too long on the latest post. Hope you all had great holidays, I did, they were relaxing, quite, awesome time with family.
Hell, we even got 4" of snow in NC on 12/26.

My last Oncologist visit was late December, latest PSA was 0.01 so the hormone therapy is working as planned. I have 18 months under my belt with 6 more months to go. Originally the Dr and I talked about being on hormone therapy for 2 years and we're sticking to it.

My Dr. did say that after the 2 years is done, the Lupron and Casodex will linger in my body for 6-9 months afterwards which means the side effects will continue. Speaking of, since my last shot on 12/20, the freakin hot flashes are at a new level, more dramatic than ever. It sucks, but it beats hearing "your cancer has spread"....so I'll continue to carry my towel, sweat, freeze, sweat, freeze :)

So until next time....which I promise won't be too long...be well and Go PACKERS!!!