Friday, July 31, 2009

Good pre-op meetings

We spent most of yesterday (thursday) at Duke Medical Center getting all of the pre-op work done including a meeting with the surgeon. I'm feeling good about the surgeon and the team for the operation on monday.

During the testing we had a great conversation with the nurse, who by the way was hilarious and fun to talk to and most of all very reassuring and confident which was great. I was a little hyped, in fact, the BP was 144/100 so more than a little elevated. :)

Monday is surgery, around 10:45am eastern time. It's time to get this shit out, rehab and get back to normal.

Maybe another post sunday night.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Week

It's a big week, Tuesday is the follow up visit with the radiologist, should be just a formality.
Thursday I head up to Duke for a visit with the surgeon and a pre-op appointment that will include all of the testing work in addition to meeting the anesthesiologist.

My folks fly in from Wisconsin on Wednesday night and will be here for a few weeks helping out which will be great.

Kathy and I are heading up to Durham Sunday afternoon with surgery on Monday, August 3rd.
I'm guessing this week will go by fast.

I'll be lining up an email distribution list for Kathy to send out a note after the surgery.
shortly thereafter I'll be begging her to bring the laptop to the hospital, that is if they have internet connectivity.

look for another post later this week after the pre-op appointment.

Monday, July 20, 2009

So close...

What a great Open Championship golf tournament. Tom Watson, 59 years young leads all 4 rounds and almost pulled it off. Incredible performance for someone who is the best links golf player in my generation. Is it time for Lee Trevino or Johnny Miller to make a run at the PGA Championship?

Surgery is two weeks from today and at exactly this time I'll be under the knife.
I haven't really thought about surgery much until this weekend, so I've been doing more reading on what to expect. In all honesty, I'm getting a little anxious to get this stuff out of my body and move on.

Most likely I'll be out for maybe two weeks but I have a hunch I'll be going nuts and wanting to work the latter part of the second week. We'll see.

Time now to go sell something,

Make it a great week!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holy mackerel, it's been too long since my last post. Hope you're doing great, I am.
The good news of the day is I'm sitting in Austin, 104 degrees (a little cool today) at sales training.
It was a great meeting, especially our guest speaker who focused on Presenting to Win and overall sales presence. Many, many takeaways to help me improve.

Don't look now but summer is whizzing by, it's mid July and my wife is already talking about getting stuff for the school year. Where does the time go.

The Open Golf Tournament started today and go ol Tom Watson, 5 time Open champion is in the hunt. See, don't count out the old guys :)

countdown to surgery has begun, 17 days to go with a couple of Dr. visits in between.
More info about what's coming and what to expect in the next post.

like Jake would say 'Life is Good'

Make it a great day.