Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's done

no more prostate, it's gone. As a refresher, we found a good team of doctors at Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center so sunday night Kathy and I drove up, had dinner, relaxed. Surgery on monday took a little over 2 hours and I didn't get a room until 6 hours I was stuck in Post-op. oh well, things could have been worse.

Monday night was a bitch, no sleep because every 2 hours someone is coming into the room to take vital signs, draw blood, etc. Tuesday I was running on fumes, barely able to keep my eyes open so a quick nap here and there helped.

Tuesday night was much better pretty fair night of sleep but still playing catch up.
Wednesday, discharged and sent home. I was feeling pretty good this morning and figured I could get more sleep in my own home with less interruptions.

The drive home was bad, we were instructed to stop 3 times, get out and walk to avoid blood clots. The worst part were the potholes/rough roads...they tensed up my body something fierce.
Just took a walk with Bradley and that felt good but tiring.

I'm bushed, more posts coming.


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