Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A salute to all Veterans

Here is a salute to all Veterans who have served our country and protected our freedom. I am grateful to live in this great country where our freedom is envied by others.

I ask that you reach out to 3 or more veterans and thank them for their dedication, commitment and sacrifices they have made so that the 300M+ people in the USA can go to sleep each night knowing we are protected, guarded by our troops.

Also find your own way to honor the fallen heros, those who have perished defending our freedom, may their families be blessed with peace.

I wonder why Veterans Day isn't celebrated more often? Why just once per year? Why not 4 times, once per quarter. If our freedom is so important to us and the sacrifices our veterans make is so great, why not honor them more often.

When I travel, there is always someone on my flight who is in uniform either coming home or heading out to serve and protect. I make it a point to thank them for their commitment and service, we all should.

That's it for today, reach out to the Veterans you know and thank them.


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