Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm one proud father

today my son went next door and mowed the lawn for our neighbor. they are dear friends and Eric, is only 3 weeks removed from a triple bypass. He dodged a bullet and he's making an amazing recovery.

So Eric can't lift more than 10lbs and he asked Bradley to cut his lawn and told him he would pay him $20. Now keep in mind, Bradley just turned 13 so $20 would be great.

But Bradley told mr. Eric today..."no, I don't need the $20, I'm a Boy Scout and we're supposed to do a good turn daily. I want to do this for you"

As it turns out, I've been Eric's walking buddy, helping him get back in shape and when he told me this, I was almost moved to tears, I was THAT proud of my son.

What a great kid and 1st Class move.

oh, I forgot to mention one point....Bradley just advanced another level, he IS a 1st Class rank Scout.

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