Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's back

Sept, 2012 - PSA = .1 Oct, 2012 - PSA = .2 Jan 2, 2013 - PSA = .7 Jan 28, 2013 - PSA = 1.3 The last two visits with my Oncologist, he said that if the PSA got to a level of .7 or higher, he would be concerned. We talked two days ago, before the results came back and he said if over .7, we would discuss options. Next steps, setting up a CT Scan and a Bone Scan to see if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or the bone (Prostate cancers two favorite places). Then I'll review the results with Dr. Reza. Treatment options: go back on Lupron either with Intermittent treatment (on 1 yr, off 1 yr, etc) or go on Lupron for the rest of my life. Quality of life has a lot to do with this because the first time on hormone treatment it was hell. I shed a few tears today, guess I wasn't ready for the cancer to come back so soon. Staying positive

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  1. ugh. i'm so very sorry you're going through this again. praying for 100% healing for you once and for all...and quickly!!! *hugs Bob*