Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ups and downs and fighting on

Well, back on the hormone meds (Lupron), its doing its job and lowering my PSA which is awesome! On the other hand, it's kicking my ass. Fatigue Hot flashes (you have to see them to believe how dramatic) Weight gain Mood swings(no chick flicks please) To keep things in perspective I would rather deal with that RSI effects than have the cancer active and spreading, that's a no brainier. Another drag, my inside sales partner has had a reoccurrence of breast cancer and faces two surgeries and about 3 months off. In keeping things in perspective, she has a much harder road than I do. S please join me in sending prayers her way. Tanny is awesome and I know she'll beat this damn cancer once again, She's a fighter. If you're reading this, help us raise awareness, we need to find a cure fore cancer. Thx, until next time.

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