Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What a journey - too close to a deadly situation for my comfort

For what I thought was food poisoning of gas from a bad mean turned out to 'life in the balance' twice in one week. 11/13 - checked into the emergency room. Bloated, painful stomach, X-rays and CT scan taken. It's confirmed I have a Small Bowel Obstruction. NG Tube inserted to help relieve pressure from stomach contents,'above' the blockage Transferred from Emregeny facility to main hospital, CMC Main 11/14-18 - goal is to 'walk off' the gas, help my bowels relax and move things naturally from small bowel to large intestine and out the back door. 11/19 - due to no improvement, we go into surgery. 3 hours of surgery to untangle and eliminate blockage. 11/20 - what did we learn? Had I not gone into the emergency room and then ultimately have surgery, I was less than 24 hours away from one of my stricture to cause my small intestine to burst. Once it bursts, minutes count until you die. 11/20-25 - slow but steady progress, problems all week with my IV's....currently I'm on my 11th and 12th. My veins are revolting. 11/25 - thirteen days in a hospital, I'm going nuts

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