Friday, April 15, 2016

Wild blood pressure ride

Back on Monday, April 4, my body didn't feel right. Headache, shortness of breath, high blood pressure (163/108), something was wrong. The after hours nurse said "go to the emergency room". So I did and within 5 minutes of arriving,,they had me hooked up to an EKG, full IV going taking blood work. By now, my BP was 195/116, nice. Well, the EKG, the blood work, the CT Scan all turned out normal. I take 5mg of Norvasc daily, they gave me another 5mg and after 3 hours my BP was 'down to' 157/102 so they let me go and told me to contact my PCP. So for I week I was on 2 BP medications and taking my BP every day and it came in around 135/95 daily. So I called my numbers into my PCP and she added another med. For the last week I've been on a third BP medication and my BP is coming in around 104/70....and I feel tired and sluggish all day. Looks like we're going to need a little more adjustment. Fun, fun

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