Thursday, June 22, 2017

A chronicle of events

1/9/14 - surgery, upper right colon pouch, urinary diversion - 9 days in the hospital at Duke, wife was apathetic 11/14 - caught my wife at the time, cheating on me 12/27/14 - I moved out 1/07 - present Ex continues to throw me under the bus, dad gets blamed for everything. 11/15 - surgery, twisted bowel, 17 days in the hospital. Ex-wife goes to my apartment to help me with getting some clean clothes. Ex-wife steals. $250 gift card and steals a ring that was mine 5/26/16 - separation agreement signed 6/16/16 - Father's Day- ex-wife hangs me up in jail, stranded after an aggressive pissed off junior cop (Long story) 8/5/16 - divorce is final 5/1/17 - I make the 12th mortgage payment, last of my obligation 6/21/17 - house has been listed since 3/15/17, priced $20k+ too high, after 3+ months no offers. Over priced The saga continues

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