Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Are you ready?

Man, the holidays are here and this might be the worst year for me in terms of getting things done. Not enough lights on the house, a little behind on gifts...seems like every year I'm scrambling.

How about you? Some last minute shopping? To lower frustration, shop online and choose FedEx, avoid the malls.

Okay, speaking of online, tis the season to get yourself a tax deduction and donate to your favorite nonprofit organization. Yes, only 9 days left help your tax situation and more importantly, help those in need. If you don't have a favorite charity, let me know, I know of some awesome orgs that are doing great things.

So are you ready for 2010? Wasn't it just not too long ago we were celebrating 2000. Hell, the world was going to come to an end if everyone wasn't Y2K compliant. Hilarious.

2009 has been an interesting year for yours truly and hopefully a great one for you.

more tomorrow.

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