Thursday, December 24, 2009

Health update

Hey everyone, yesterday was another visit to the oncologist for another PSA blood test and a shot of Lupron. Not the kind of 'shot' I prefer but it's doing it's job. In my younger days the shot would come in a short little glass but hell I'm too old for that now.

Good conversation with Dr. Reza, he's pleased with how the treatments are going and so are we. Tolerating the side effects is easier than getting fitted for a new suit and a pine box. Hold the flower arrangements for a while, this old dog is planning on being around a while.

Funny thing at the Dr. yesterday...being in sales the last week or two of each quarter and for the year are a little stressful as we chase down deals to get them closed. One deal in particular this year meant a lot to me which was a new deal with the PGA Tour. My rep who was working it needed this deal to put him well over 200% for Q4 but more importantly achieve 'Inner Circle' which is something you don't want to miss. So while I was at the office we were waiting for the contract to get signed and faxed.

The nurse took my blood was 160 over 108...pretty damn high and she was surprised. Then I told her about the deal, sales, etc and it all made sense :)

We got the deal, my team member reached Inner Circle and my bp is much lower.

Here's wishing you all a very happy holidays season. I'll most likely be back before we close out 2009.

Make it a great day


  1. Great Post Bob!. I read these in my in-box but need to post so you know all updates are appreciated. Glad the PGA deal went through and Glad you are my Friend.
    Happy Holidays to all the Evan's Clan!
    KK M-I-Z-Z-O-U!

  2. thanks Kevin, equally glad I've known you so long and consider you a close fried.

    all the best to family.