Friday, March 26, 2010

the latest PSA

I met with the oncologist tuesday of this week and it was the usual. Get weighed, get blood taken, talk to the Dr.. about how I'm feeling and once every 3 months I get a shot of Lupron, one of two medications in the fight against cancer.

The nurse called me yesterday to tell me the PSA was "less than 0.01"
great news, the medication is still working.

Strict orders from the DR. start running and lifting weights. It's time to ward off muscle atrophy and to get back in shape. We'll do this for 6 months and watch the results.

My Dr. said there is another drug in trial for Prostate Cancer and a study done in Canada which had some promising results.

it's been 13 months, time flies when you're having fun.

Like the saying goes.... 'Life is short, play hard.'

Make it a great weekend.

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