Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Wow, turn down the wait, now turn it up.
Heck, my body can't make up it's mind. One byproduct of the medication I'm on are the hot flashes. Yes men, I'm slowly being turned into a woman in mid-menopaus.

I''m the only guy on the block who can take a walk or run when it's 45 degrees outside and still wear short sleeved shirts and shorts :). With all of the sweating I'm doing, the washer and dryer are getting worked overtime, hah!

I had the good fortune of hearing from someone who's father was diagnosed with PC and he had surgery last week. My new contact, Leslie was seeking someone who could help them through the experience and I'm flattered and happy to help. Prostate Cancer patients unite!!!

On saturday I had a stranger ask me about my cancer and we had a very frank, open discussion. The guy was 29 and mentioned his great grandpa had PC and his grandpa just had surgery and he said he has some symptoms. Bingo, my opportunity to raise awareness...I told him to go get the simple PSA blood test done and I'd be surprised if he didn't. One down, 150 Million men to go...raising awareness is the mission.

Great, great weekend, the weather was wonderful, I had a day with Bradley at a Boy Scout camp, (he's bridging from cub scouts to boy scouts in 2 weeks) and it was great.
My daughter who is in the chamber choir of the Charlotte Children's Choir had a 'private performance' on saturday and it was awesome. Especially seeing Rachel interact with adults, she's growing up and quite mature, I'm so proud.

Well, my health is hanging in there, aside from the recent heavy hot flashes, the weight gain has me bumming a bit, way too much around the belly but even with being active it doesn't seem to go away. Maybe it's time to run a marathon :)

that's it for now, be well everyone.


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