Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Holy High Blood Pressure!

Well, today was the quarterly check in with my Oncologist, oh happy day.

the usual blood test/PSA results should come back tomorrow or Thursday. What was interesting today was not the beginning of the appointment where they take vitals and my BP came in at 142/88, a little high but nothing alarming. It was the second part of the appointment where I got the shot of Lupron where things got interesting.

Not sure why but they decided to take my blood pressure again and just for context, I was now in what they call the 'infusion room'. So when i entered, there must have been 10-12 people sitting in recliners and hooked up to their chemotherapy treatments. I'm not afraid to admit that the anxiety goes up a bit thinking about what may or may not lie ahead for me.

So they take the first reading and it's 172/104....yeah, a bit high.
Second reading 167/102....making progress but the nurse was still kind of wigged out.
Third reading 168/104. This time she talked to my Oncologist and he said "go ahead with the Lupron shot, he's must be a little nervous".

The only thing that changed from 3 months ago was that last time Doc said he wasn't sure keeping me on hormone therapy more than 1 year would do me any good.....today he said he definitely wants to try to keep me on for 2 years. It sucks. Muscle atrophy, fatigue, hot flashes...all the side effects that aren't fun. BUT, if it keep the cancer in check, I'll put up with it.

PSA update coming soon.

Be Well

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