Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Back to work

Well, my surgeon gave me the green light to "resume normal activities" so I'll be back to work on Monday. I'll take the rest of this week to get an update from my inside rep to find out where I need to be plugged in to accounts. They did an ultrasound of my kidneys and new pouch and just a mild concern with the left kidney but nothing to lose sleep over. Follow up next month for another Renal Ultrasound... April 1st, no foolin. While I feel better every day, my stamina is still lacking so I'll have to pace myself and not overdue it out of the gate. My personality is geared to dive in and go all out without a governor....so we'll see. On a very fun note, my mom is a HUGE Duke basketball fan so we picked up some cool souvenirs to send her...she's going to love the Coach K bobble head doll :)

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