Friday, May 29, 2009

Prostate Cancer sucks

That's what my son Bradley says, it sucks. He's an awesome supporter, so much so that he took a piece of paper, wrote in bold letters 'I hate prostate cancer' and had his entire class sign it including his teacher, the librarians and the principle. Very cool.

Today marked the end of week 2 of radiation treatments, so far, a piece of cake. No side effects.
It's a beautiful thing.

Okay, here is the hint I promised....the movie is set in about the 1950's and has 2 main characters.
The quote doesn't come from either character but it is directed to one. All I need is the name of the movie and then I'll let you know which scene it's from. Think an ending in Mexico.
Any guesses? write a comment.

Back to Bradley, he told me today he wants to pull together a 'cancer awareness day' at his school to make sure everyone knows about cancer. What a kid, you have to love it.

Make it a great weekend!


  1. Hey Bob - Shawshank Redemption? I admit - I cheated and googled it. SR is a great movie!!! Morgan Freeman is pretty cool in everything. Glad to hear you're doing well!!

  2. see the next post, I just published it without seeing this.