Sunday, February 21, 2010

follow up with the surgeon

I had a follow up appointment last week with Dr. Moul and what was nice was he patiently sat with me and spent some time. Usually he's so frantically busy that I don't get any more than 5 minutes of his time.

this time was different, we talked about my progress on hormone therapy and discussed some drugs that are either in late clinical trials or about to be approved by the FDA (that's the hope anyway).

I told him about the fact that I record every Dr. appointment where discussions take place letting me listen to them later or to have Kathy listen if she wasn't there. I told him that almost everything we heard from our very first Dr. meeting with Dr. Gaston here in Charlotte has come true. Then I asked the important question....

Will you ever be able to say I'm "cancer free"?
Well, his hesitation and somewhat stumbling response gave me my answer, most likely no.
Oh well, the glass is still half full and as I've said all along, I'm 'kickinPC' whether it likes it or not. I have too much yet to do.

Oh, btw, the weather finally turned for the better, low 60's today and yesterday so I was finally able to get out and swing a golf club. Awesome feeling I must admit :)

Make it a great week

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