Thursday, February 25, 2010

One year ago today

One year ago, at about 7:15PM, I was in DC and I received the phone call from the Dr. with the first PSA results. She said

your PSA is 40.6 which is very high and given the fact your brother had prostate cancer, we're going to assume you have cancer until proven differently"

And there it began, the whirlwind of Dr visits, tests, waiting for results, more tests, more waiting, highs, lows, good news, bad news.....being poked, prodded and had so many Dr visits I felt like I was on the payroll.

By the time March 30th came along, I had read 2 books (over 1,000 pages), visited hundreds of websites and became more educated about prostate cancer than I ever wanted to.

oh yeah, it's been an interesting 12 month journey and I'm lucky to have had more support than I ever dreamed about. Thanks to everyone.

Here's to a smoother year,


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