Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hitting the wall

I've recognized that since being back on Lupron, fatigue is coming in spurts. A good example was this weekend where is was a busy week....a little stressful since its the last few days of our Q1. On Saturday, boom, I woke up normal time, went down for my normal routine but last about 2 minutes and went back to bed. Slept until 11am...I hit the wall. Today, woke up at 6, went down and took my daily meds and went vp back to bed...slept until 11 am again. This afternoon I started feeling a little more like myself. Should be back to great energy tomorrow. No physical activity this weekend, to much rain but we need it so no complaints. Until next time, have fun, smile :) And do a good deed daily

1 comment:

  1. hope you have some more energy and *fun* this weekend!