Friday, January 29, 2010

Where have I been?

busy, sorry about the lag in posts, it's been a good busy.

So last post was about Haiti and for me, it's a very sobering event and to see the ten's of thousands of deaths. This, to a country that had horrific struggles before the earthquake. hopefully you found it in your heart to help.

I find myself griping here and there about my side effects and what little I can do and they I read an article about Ken Green. Most of you may not know him but he was a professional golfer who usually wore bold green clothing and shoes, hmmm wonder why?

He was featured in an article in Sports Illustrated for saving his dog, you see he lives in FL and has a small canal running through his backyard and he heard a rustling and saw his german shepard in the grips of an alligator. Ken jumped in the canal and beat the gator until his dog was let go, unbelievable.

fast forward to 8 months ago where Ken, his brother, brother's girlfriend and Ken's dog were traveling in the RV with his brother driving and they had a fatal accident. Ken lost his brother, brother's girlfriend and his dog. Ken had one leg amputated at the knee.

just this week, I read that they found Ken Green's 21 year old son dead.

When you think you're having a tough day....think of Ken Green. For me, I'm a lucky guy to be sitting here with some measly side effect.

count your blessings.

I promise next post will be up-beat.

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