Monday, September 13, 2010

quick poll, your participation needed

Okay, it's September 13th....and I need you to click on the 'comment' button to help me conduct a little survey (sorry, no survey-monkey)

How many of you know September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month? Let me know.

I intentionally let it go until today to see how much press PC is getting and it's almost nothing, nada, zip. In about 2 weeks, all you'll hear is 'Pink and how Oct is Breast Cancer awareness month' which is great...but it's time we raise the level of awareness for PC.

Help me do so by telling a friend, brother, father, coworker, someone you know that 1 in 6 men will get PC which are greater odds than a women getting BC. Encourage anyone over 40 to get a simple PSA blood test, they'll be glad they did.

Again, please take part in mu survey by clicking on the 'comment' button and say 'yes, I knew' or 'no, I didn't'. Thanks

more soon,


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