Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Summit to End Prostate Cancer

What a great experience!
I'm attending The Summit to End Prostate cancer here in our Nation's capital and it's being put on by Zero Cancer and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Tuesday night there was a reception where Sen. John Kerry & Nancy Pelosi stopped by to show their support. Also, I had the chance to meet Michael Milken, chairman from Prostate Cancer Foundation as well as Rosey Grier and many others.

Today we had a full day of sessions where medical experts, researchers, legislators presented on a variety of topics. Two sessions that were electric were (a) Movember, the founder, Adam Garone spoke about the event history and roadmap (what a great story) and (b) Rep. Elijah Cummings from MD on PC awareness on Capitol Hill. Rep. Cummings was awesome! Inspirational!

We heard about the advances in drugs such as Provenge and MDV3100 among others and the promise for better drugs in the near future.

needless to say I'm jazzed because tomorrow I will sit in the offices of 3 NC legislators (Burr, Hagen and Myrick) and will share my story and help raise their awareness for more funding for PC research.

I have to say, this has so far been a special experience as I've met other Prostate Cancer survivors, heard their stories and have been moved by what is possible ahead of us. Every 19 minutes a man dies from Prostate Cancer...we need to do more for early detection to dramatically drop this number.

With greater awareness, Prostate Cancer research can make significant advances.

More soon

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  1. Bob - I'm ELATED that you are participating in this way. It will change your live. I have a big favor for you - when you meet Rep Sue Myrick, please tell her hello from me. A fellow breast cancer survivor, she and I have had an opportunity to work together on numerous occasions, particularly Komen-related. She is an AMAZING supporter of cancer research and treatment funding. Looking forward to your debrief!!