Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Summit to End Prostate Cancer (part 2)

The Summit was awesome. On Thursday I was on Capitol Hill and met in the offices of my 2 NC Senators, Burr and Hagan and with my Representative Sue Myrick. Unfortunately it was crazy busy with Congress back in session and they had a vote so my 3 representatives weren't available.

Of the 3 meetings (with staffers), the Sue Myrick office meeting was by far the best. Sarah Hale took the time to really understand why we were there and what we were asking for by way of increased awareness, support for the resolution to make September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (kind of a no-brainer) and increased funding. We were able to educate Sarah on what our priorities are and I believe it really struck a cord with her.

It was an educational experience and one that I'm going to want to repeat...I have to in order to help get more $ and research behind finding a cure for PC and at the very least getting Early Detection testing as a norm just like mammograms are today.

Now it's important for me to keep the energy and drum beat going here locally in Charlotte to spread the word and maybe run a fundraiser golf outing or two.

Be well

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