Friday, June 12, 2009

Let the countdown begin

Another week done, only 11 more treatments to go. Heck, sounds like the countdown to the end of my sales quarter! These radiation treatments are a piece of cake and so far, no side effects. It's a beautiful thing.

I'll be focused the next 12 business days on helping my team close new business where we can launch partnerships with more nonprofits and help them be successful.

One of the organizations I'm excited about is Gateway for Cancer Research, check them out

Exciting weekend here at the Evans household, Bradley took off to Atlanta for a weekend children's choir trip, his first 'long' time away from home. While he was a little nervous, he was excited too. It will be great to hear about all the details on sunday night.

Gearing up for the US Open golf's our National Championship and always falls on fathers day weekend. I can't wait because it is a true test of golf and many of the players end up looking like me, a hack. Ha!

comments are always welcome on this blog, any suggestion to make this more enjoyable, let me know.

Make it a great weekend.

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