Thursday, June 4, 2009

setting a speed record

Today's session was the quickest by far. I walked in, registered via the touchscreen computer and didn't even sit down and they called me in. Walked in laid down on the table and 6 minutes later I was walking out the door. Heck, my coffee didn't even get cold in the car. Call me a speed demon.

Almost half way done, 13 of 30 sessions behind me and still feeling great.
Yesterday I had two conversations with former colleagues I used to work with and it has been a while since we last talked. Needless to say they were as surprised and anyone to hear the news of my cancer. I find it comforting to talk about it while at the same time, it's still surreal.

Oh, the other thing that happened was the mail came....with a gift certificate from my extended team at Convio. Unbelievable, I was floored with the kindness and their thoughfulness.

That's it for today...


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