Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A million bucks

Well, more than half way done, 16 of 30 treaments done and I feel AWESOME. Seriously, feeling better than I did 4 months ago before I found out about the PC (that's prostate cancer for those of you joining late to this mind numbing blog).

Geez, about the only thing I've notice of the past few weeks is that my golf game stinks. A neighbor of mine has been kind enough to take me to his club and while it's not an easy course, you can score on it but in my case, I've required them to change the scorecard so it can accomodate triple digets for a total. All I can say is I must be spending waaaaaay too much time working.

go Penguins! for those of you paying attention to the NHL Stanley Cup, tonight is game 6 and Pittsburgh needs to win to extend the series. There is some great hockey being played, it's worth watching the talent of guys who sprint for 50 seconds at a time, 40 times a game....on ice, being body-checked by dudes 6'4" 240 lbs...amazing.

HIFU - did you hear about the newest treatment to attack PC? High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Virtually no side effects and being done in the UK...not sure when it might become widely available or for that matter, if it even would apply to the 'aggressive' cancer I have.
Something to watch.

Okay, check in again soon, June if flying by and before you know it my bags will be packed and I'll be able to travel again to help my team. Actually, Kathy already has my bags packed and sitting by the door...she's sick of me being home, I cramp her style :)

now, go Make it a Great Day! (I plan on it)


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