Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moving forward again

Great two visits on Tuesday and Wednesday with my surgeon and his team. The staples came out of the incision yet I'm still wearing the wound vacuum to help heal the open portion of my surgery incision. The surgeon says that until the wound closes completely, I run the risk of a hernia or causing damage bc the stomach muscles are very weak right now. Big message is to still take it easy, no break dancing yet :) The catheter came out and I'm now cathing my new pouch. Officially, I've entered my new 'new normal' phase of my life. After a few weeks, I'll have a much better quality of life compared with prior to surgery. It's amazing what our modern medicine can accomplish. Appetite continues to improve each day and once the weather warms up (fingers crossed) I'll be putting on my walking shoes on and getting in at least 1.5 miles every day. Let the sun shine baby!

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