Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday, football and some recovery progress

Happy Sunday everyone. Here the sun is shining but still a little cool. I'm going to try and out for a walk today just to taste the fresh air. Kathy has been amazing in he relentless help, waking up at midnight and other scheduled time to help me take my meds. I can't thank her enough. I owe a BIG thx to Lisa Nash, her family and Daniella Meyers and her family for bringing over a couple of meals each while Kathy was with me at Duke. Helped us out in a great way. Making recovery on the pain front, seems a fair amount less so I'm trying to stay away from the pain med Dilaudin. Dilaudin, WOW! Tiny pill can get you very loopy very fast! Hope the kids help out Kathy today and through Wednesday (no school M-W).

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